Break your bad food habits by setting out healthy foods on the counter.  My motto is, “Monkey see; monkey eat”.  How true this is.  If you go anywhere where food is sitting out, 80% of the time, you will have some of that food.  If you live in a house where candy is on the table, you will find yourself eating more candy than you would like.  If baked goods, potato chips or cookies are laid out, you inevitably will graze on them.

Instead of giving in to this and thinking things will never change, think about how you can take control of that type of situation.

At home, put out a bowl of blueberries.  You’ll eat on them.  Put out a bowl of sugar snap peas….people will eat on those.  Put out some bagged low calorie popcorn (30 calories a cup).  You could snack on that all day.  Kale chips, cherry tomatoes….the list could go on.  Snacking on healthy food is just as fun as snacking on candy, but your body feels better and you develop confidence in your ability to make healthy snack options available.

Some people believe their kids won’t eat healthy foods.  However, if you remove the potato chips or Cheetos and replace those items with healthier corn chips and salsa, low calorie popcorn or various types of fruit, the kids will make the switch.  Start working in some vegetables as you go along!

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Have a great week.  We wish you much success in adjusting the food that sits out on your counters!