Robin Becker Coaching can help you with action plans for healthy eating at potlucks and summer gatherings. Get fit & vital!

It is summer time. We assume life will be easier and healthy eating will come automatically. Most people think that summer is a great time to lose weight because the weather is warm and we all get more active. We have much more access to gardens full of healthy fruits and vegetables. We all want to get thin and tan for wearing shorts and swim suits.

What is the reality? You may find that you still have to work. Fitting in exercise will continue to be something you have to schedule into your life. Yes, there are many more opportunities for healthy eating, but at the same time, there are plenty of picnics, potlucks and camp outs…..these typically are filled with processed foods, high in saturated fat and lots of desserts.

What is a conscientious eater to do?

Remember, success is always about your action plans. Success depends on thinking about the event ahead of time and making a way to be successful.
At Robin Becker Coaching, our Healthy Lifestyle Plan recommends eating a serving of fruit or vegetable with a protein source every 2-4 hours. Then, when eating a larger lunch or dinner meal, be sure to eat only one plate and make half of the plate fruit and veggies. No seconds!

Action plans for success. Many times at potlucks there is plenty of potato and macaroni salad, fried chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers, fruit salads with whipped cream and a vast bounty of desserts. Think about your situation and what you could bring to set yourself up for healthy eating.

Perhaps you could bring a big green salad with a dressing you like on the side or a plate of cut veggies and hummus. You could bring a fresh fruit salad or cut fruit. You could take the skin off the fried chicken. You could eat a hamburger without a bun.  You could bring nuts or cheese sticks for snacking. These would all be ideas for staying closely to our recommendations.

On the other hand, our program does allow for times when you don’t follow our plan. Think ahead and decide if that will be one of those times. Think ahead and visualize what you will eat. If you stick to one plate of food, no matter what it is, that will go a long ways toward not overdoing the food to the point of feeling ill.

Decide ahead of time if you will eat dessert and decide what works for you. Will you take a small sliver of 3 selections? Or will you just eat one dessert? Thinking ahead will help keep you from bingeing.

Here at Robin Becker Coaching, we wish you a summer of successful and healthy eating; enjoying the best your town has to offer! We would love to hear about action plans you develop that work for you.

Yours for Health,
Robin Becker

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