The Robin Becker Coaching program includes helping you develop a more active lifestyle. A key component of a healthy body is regular exercise. Studies have shown that only 20.6% of the US population gets both muscle strengthening exercise twice a week combined with 2 1/2 hours of moderate aerobics. That means the majority of us have quite a bit of room for improvement in this area. The advent of iPhone and computers are a factor in entertaining people by devices. The more time spent on these devices, the less time available to get out and move…play…or have fun.

Exercise does not have to be a chore! And when your starting point is not doing any exercise at all, the goal is simple: start moving!

It could be as simple as a 20 min walk after eating your lunch. This could be done on your lunch break. It could be doing a fun sport activity: hiking, biking, canoeing or kayaking, skateboarding, playing sports etc.

There are many good exercise videos that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Some you can checkout from your local library!

Of course, hitting the gym is great also. It is even better when you go with a buddy. Robin Becker Coaching suggests any of these activities to begin to develop a level of fitness and to increase your metabolism.

Robin does have a favorite exercise. She discovered Essentrics and it has fundamentally improved her body shape, strength, flexibility and energy levels. It also reduces pain. This exercise was developed in consultation with physical therapists. It is based on kinesiology and works the entire body for strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, posture and energy. Not all areas have Essentrics classes. To find classes in your area and to try out some of the exercise segments, go to their website Robin will be leading several classes in the Corvallis, Oregon area. Click here to find out more information.

For additional information on the benefits and technique of Essentrics, Click Here!

This is a full explanation of Essentrics in a PDF file. You may download and print it out to share.