Hi, I’m Robin Becker. I am 56 years young. All my life I have struggled with my weight. I was bulimic in college. I have tried SO many diets, spending SO much money and ultimately returned to my original eating patterns and weight. I’ve tried low fat diets, low carb diets, protein shakes and bars as meal replacements, counting calories, several different nationally known diet groups and systems costing hundreds of dollars a month……and the end result was I gained all my weight back. I was SO tired. Some days I felt like I could hook myself up to a caffeine IV and still not wake up!

I surely was discouraged. Then I studied and became certified in fitness nutrition, gaining the knowledge and internal motivation to incorporate simple changes into my life. For the first time in 56 years, I have been able to sustain a healthy lifestyle without being on a diet program. The problem with going on a diet is that inevitably you go off the diet. Well, this time was different for me. You can have a fundamental change to healthy eating patterns without giving up your favorite foods.

As any dieter knows, losing weight is a big business in the USA. Most diet systems cost between $150 and $300 dollars per month. One on one consultations with Fitness Nutrition Specialists once a week can also cost $300 a month. Most clients will spend 4 months with a coach to achieve their goals.

Honestly, I know many Americans need health coaching and cannot begin to afford this cost.

That is why this website has been created – to bring online clients through a Fitness Nutrition Coaching program for a fraction of that cost. I’m honored that you are taking the time to consider our services!