Robin Becker has been a Registered Dental Hygienist in her town for the past thirty years.  She was certified in Fitness Nutrition Coaching from the International Sport Science Association (ISSA) in 2017.  She is also a fully certified Level 4 Essentrics Intructor, teaching classes since 2017.

Also, Robin graduated from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and is trained in divine healing from John G. Lake ministry.  Together with a group of mission minded friends, a local 501c3 charity was started in 2007. Life Seeds Oregon does outreach and adult education in India and Uganda as well as serving local families with a Grocery Giveaway Program.  Her passion for teaching and helping others has been part of her DNA throughout her 60 years.

Here is Robin in her own words:

All my life I have struggled with my weight.  I was bulimic in college, I have tried So many diets, spending so much money and ultimately returned to my original eating patterns and weight.  I’ve tried low fat, low carb, protein shakes and bars as meal replacements, counting calories, several different nationally known diet groups and systems costing hundreds of dollars a month….and the end result was I gained all my weight back.  I was SO tired.  Some days I felt like I could hook myself up to a caffeine IV and still not wake up!  I surely was discouraged.

Then I studied and became certified in Fitness Nutrition, gaining the knowledge and internal motivation to incorporate simple change into my life.  For the first time in over 50 years, I have been able to sustain a healthy lifestyle without being on a diet program.  This time was different for me.  You can have a fundamental change to healthy eating patterns without giving up your favorite foods.

My exercise life was totally altered once I found Essentrics.  From the first time I tried it, I was hooked.  I rapidly gained strength and flexibility, got rid of my chronic pain and literally felt 10 years younger.

And the biggest area of my life to change was my spiritual life that just took off once I started pursuing God and receiving His incredible love and strength.  That love is there for you too!

God is calling…..

That is why this website was created.  To teach, encourage and help you grow healthy in spirit, soul and body.  I’m honored to have you join me!