Boost Fat Loss and Gain Strength with a post workout protein boost.  Put yourself into the group that sees significant weight loss and body shape change, plus notable increases in energy.  We all know about body builders who are drinking muscle mass gaining workout drinks to bulk up.

Women typically don’t want to bulk up like a body builder.  Did you know that with post workout protein supplementation you can increase your metabolism, and help your muscles recover and not be as sore?  It also helps muscles get stronger, gives you more energy, burns more fat and thins out your legs and waist!

I had always thought I needed to skip meals and eat only vegetables to lose weight.  I was more likely to do a fruit/veggie smoothie cleanse than consume protein because I mistakenly thought it would cause my muscles to bulk.

The truth is you will see more rapid results by incorporating a whey protein powder blended with low fat milk and fruit after a workout. Even in our Essentrics workout, where we do arm pumps, side to side lunges, plies and stretched out core movements, you can feel your muscles start to “burn”.  This is your body telling you the muscles are weak and it is a signal to your body to get amino acids (proteins) from your blood stream to help the muscles recover and be stronger so at the next workout you can have more energy, do more and be stronger.

Whey protein is the fastest and most easily absorbed protein you can injest.  A post workout smoothie made with one cup milk, a cup of frozen strawberries and a scoop of whey protein powder gives you 35 grams of protein….the same amount as 11 ounces of steak!  And it is readily absorbed and used by the muscles that have been challenged through exercise.

Start making this a habit and you will see better strength gains.  You will see your legs and core thin out and lose pant sizes faster and your metabolism will boost up.  You will burn more calories as you help your muscles get stronger.  Studies have shown exercisers who supplement with whey protein have far better results than people who don’t.

…And that is my little secret for you today.

Help yourself be a success!

P.S. – you also feel decadent for drinking a “milkshake”, but it actually is a legal feeding opportunity that gives you protein, calcium and a serving of fruit.

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Be strong!  Have a great week.