Are you doomed to gain weight during the Holidays?  The answer is a resounding “no”!  Most people who gain weight during the holidays enter the season without a plan.  A simple failure to have action plans can mean that when you see food…you’ll eat it.

Now is the time to think about your situation.  What holiday gatherings do you normally attend?

What food could you bring to these events that would work on your diet?

What foods are normally served at these gatherings?  Think in advance what you could eat that would work on your diet plan.

What if goodies appear at your work on a daily basis? Picture yourself in this situation.  What are some options you could try to keep from binging?  You could try bringing a snack  you particularly enjoy.  Could you put a cover on the food items or put them somewhat out of sight so they are not as tempting?  Could you delay partaking of the goodie until the end of the day?

How about drinking more water and tea during the day?  How about drinking a full glass of water before each meal to help you feel full faster?

At Thanksgiving….picture yourself eating just one plate of food.

What if there are several desserts?  Could you decide to take a sliver of 2 desserts so you could have a taste of both and forgo two larger servings?

We would love to hear your action plans!  What works for you to help you moderate your eating and avoid weight gain during the holidays?  Email Robin at:

The key to success is to not be caught unaware.  The key is to have an action plan for success.  If that action plan turns out to not work so well, don’t beat yourself up.  Consider it a learning experience and try another method.  Each person is different.  Don’t give up on yourself, but keep striving for improvement.

Consider yourself a work in progress.  Consider yourself beautiful.  Consider yourself smart.  Consider yourself successful…..and you will be.

Have a wonderful week.  We wish you success in healthy living.