Restore Your Body in 2018.  January is coming fast and many of us turn to goals we want to achieve in the New Year.  I believe this will be the year to restore your body to health and vitality.  All it takes is a little consistent effort and perseverance.

Robin Becker Coaching is offering several different options for Essentrics exercise classes.  Feel free to join any of these classes.  Drop ins are always welcome and only cost $5 – 6 per class depending on venue.


Wednesday nights at 5:45 pm.

Saturday mornings at 9 am.

These one hour classes are open to the public and are $5 for dropins.  Punch cards are available and classes only cost $4 each on punch cards .  $20 for 5, or $40 for 10 classes.

C4 AGE REVERSING ESSENTRICS CLASS: at 1495 NW 20th, Corvallis, Oregon

Monday nights at 5:45 pm.  This one hour class is open to dropins and is $5 per class. Discounts for people attending the Snap Classes as well as this class.  Ask Robin!


CHINTIMINI SENIOR CENTER AGE REVERSING ESSENTRICS CLASSES:                    2601 NW Tyler Ave., Corvallis, Oregon

Tuesday and Thursday from 1-1:45, right after lunch.  This is a series of classes, 16 over a 2 month time period.  $62 total for 16 classes is less than $4 per class!  These age reversing classes will unlock your body, rebalance your muscles, relieve pain and improve strength, flexibility, energy and balance.

Simply call the Chintimini Senior Center at (541) 766-6959 to sign up for the Essentrics class.  They take debit and credit cards over the phone.

We hope to see you at some Essentrics classes in the New Year!  Plan now for success, your body will thank you for it.

And finally, please click on the link below and watch an excellent 4 minute video about what Essentrics can achieve for your body.