3 Day Fat FlushEveryone wants to lose those holiday pounds fast.  Try our 3 Day Fat Flush diet for FREE. We want to thank everyone who is on our mailing list by giving you this link at the bottom of the page, to the Fat Flush booklet. When you signed up for our newsletter, our goal was, and still is, to provide a once a week update, encouragement, recipe and/or exercise tip to help you in your journey toward health.

The information is this booklet is primarily focused on women.  Be aware that men can eat the same type of food, but can usually eat 50% more than women and probably still lose weight faster.

If you like this plan, go ahead and repeat it for another 3 days.  After that, you will want to have a day or two with more carbohydrates.  For example, old fashioned oatmeal with milk and a serving of fruit for breakfast instead of the eggs and veggies.  Add a serving of brown rice or sweet potato at lunch or dinner etc.

Getting a jump start on weight loss is gratifying.  Your ultimate goal should be a permanent lifestyle change and weight loss.  Please consider ordering our Month One- Healthy Lifestyle Change Program for only $39.  This is an online do-it-yourself Fitness Nutrition Coaching Program.  It will guide you to permanent healthy changes.  Make 2018 the year you finally achieve and maintain a healthy weight and a healthy diet.

This program is different than any we have tried before.  In this program you get to eat the foods you like and encounter on a regular basis…..like enchiladas, or lasagna, pizza, thai food and more.  This program will change the way you think about yourself.  You will step into that small group who actually eat the recommended 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day.  You will experience steady weight loss, better sleep and more energy from your healthy choices.

This program does not expect perfection.  We know everyone is just human and prone to fail every once in a while.  What we do expect is that you review that situation and make new action plans that can help you make better choices the next time around.  You will be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up for eating too much at a party. This program is a continual process and success is realized through pragmatic perseverance.

See our website for more info on the Healthy Lifestyle Change Program.  When you purchase our program, you will receive a 40 page PDF eBook with intake forms and a 3 day beginning diet diary for you to compare to when you finish the program.


3 Day Fat Flush:

A note about the booklet.  This is a PDF file and can be printed from your computer.  It will print out as 2 back to back full color pages, which you fold in half and arrange so the page numbers are consecutive.  When you look at the booklet on your computer, the page numbers will not be in order.  Each numbered page is a separate recipe or subject, so it doesn’t matter if they are in order.